Whose Dirty Slut Mouth Is This?

Mina Karenina


Mina Karenina (she/her) evolved as a teenage runaway and a high school dropout who started stripping as a way to keep afloat. Now she is an interdisciplinary artist whose previous experiences in the sex industry heavily influence her practice.

Mina graduated from her BA(Hons) in 2020 from the Glasgow School of Art, in Painting and Printmaking. She also holds an MA(Hons) in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. She also campaigns with local organisations for the full decriminalisation of sex work.

Find me: chaoying.rao@gmail.com

chaoyingrao.com / @femme.castratrice / @pussydentata

Poppy Divine


Poppy (she/her) is known by many names across the Dublin area, from Alannah to Clara to ‘dirty whore’. She has worked across various industries for the past 6 years, but sex work remains the constant that keeps life afloat.

Most of her experience is in escorting, and she runs @lifedrawingforswai to raise much-needed funds for Sex Workers’ Alliance Ireland.

Her work in the sex industry finally enabled her to pursue a degree in English and Art History. Her interests are in the many ways in which sex workers have contributed to history, particularly in the arts. Her civilian persona is a published poet, and should you stumble across her work you’ll find the lives, struggles and joys of sex workers recorded in code. Elitist literary folk would burn her at the stake if they knew what she was really talking about.

Find me: poppyangel23@gmail.com / @opium.flowers

Wraithbabe X

(they/them) // Dublin // Escort, Stripper, Camwhore // 10 years

Contributions: My Weirdest Client

Find them: @wraithbabe_x

Tia (Stevie)

Tempe, Arizona // Stripper // 5 years 

Contributions coming soon

Aria May

(she/her) // UK // Escort, stripper, content creator// 10+ years

Contributions: Dismantling Whorephobia, One Karen At a Time

Find her: @_brighterstorm_ | @brighterstorm

Image: lost.in_gotham


(she/her) // Varying locations: currently Munich // Stripper, Content Creator // 2 years

Contributions coming soon.

Find her: @your.southern.girl