D. S. M.

Dirty Slut Mouth is the collaborative brain child of a few mouthy sluts with access to the internet and a lot to say. We bonded over being sex workers, being artists and writers, and our resentment of celebrity culture’s fetishistic fixation on the visual elements of sex work. We find the appropriation of our lives and work to be damaging to our community. At best, we are placated with meaningless lip service and empty gestures. At worst, we are spoken over, deleted, and incarcerated. Like we always have been, for fucking centuries.

Dirty Slut Mouth comes from the hunger to tell our stories in our own words, to be interpreted on our terms. Too often sex workers censor themselves when speaking in public. The polarized stereotypes of empowerment versus degradation ensure we are uncomfortable speaking candidly in honest and nuanced ways about our work. We believe this can be mitigated when we collect a variety of different narratives from a variety of different kinds of sluts. We want to display them together alongside other aspects of our culture which are often forgotten and erased due to the stigmatisation of our work.

Our voices are diverse, because our industry is diverse. We are tired of being reduced to a punchline, and a ploy. We are tired of people who have never walked in our shoes trying to manipulate our narratives to fit their personal and political agendas. We are tired of outsiders projecting their cultural anxieties onto us.

And we know you, fellow slut, are tired of it too.