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Dirty Slut Mouth seeks to accurately represent sex work culture and sex workers through combining written word with visual content. No one is more capable of telling our stories better than ourselves. Our agenda is to elevate sex worker narratives over and above the stigmatising projections from outsiders. Our ultimate goal one day is to publish a series of artist books which will showcase your collective words and images.


Are you sick of people putting words in your mouth? Does the thought of civvies explaining your own experience to you make you want to flip a table? Same.

That’s why we want to share what you have to say about your own life’s work. In your honest opinion. Possible topics to cover include celebrity fixation, appropriation, fetish, power dynamics, abuse perpetuation, and “Karens”. We’re on a mission to dismantle whorephobia, pick apart the male gaze, and point out poorly informed projection in a world that consistently seems ambivalently obsessed with sex.

Interested? Please fill in this short form and send it to us for your public bio
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  • Photo (doesn’t have to be of your face, can be anything that’s representative of you)

Please write to us your story (maximum 2 pages long, but please chat to us about this if you’re unsure or want to go longer!), and send in your original imagery. This should be something which relates to the story you are telling.

If you’re not great with writing, we are happy to arrange a video chat where we can interview you. We can also help you pair your story with visual material.

If you won’t wish to write but are interesting in contributing in other ways, you can also submit images, playlists, videos, and whatever other media you like, as long as it is your original content.

EMAIL US: Or use our contact form.

Not sure about how to start? Keep scrolling for narrative prompts.



How do you personally feel about sex work?
As in personally, not necessarily politically, though the two are often intertwined. How does it relate to your own unique experiences, how does it intertwine with your identity, and your emotions?



What were you doing before sex work?
How did you feel about it before you started, and how does that differ from how you feel now?



How has your relationship with sex work evolved over time?
What does authenticity in sex work mean for you?



How does it affect you?
What’s it like navigating a world where what keeps you economically afloat is also what is often used as a reason to dehumanise you?