Dirty Slut Mouth

Eventually, we all end up in the same dressing room.

Look, Slut.

A curated, but uncensored, peep into the enigmatic dressing room. We dress up. We dress down. We do it on our own terms.

Listen, Slut.

A collection of play lists by your favourite sluts. You’ll find music, audio books, podcasts, and maybe even some original content.

Learn, Slut.

Want sources to cite that will impress even your old teacher? Here are some sources to fit the ivory tower’s elitist approach towards knowledge.

Our Strategy
  • Uplift editorialized, uncensored, original content by sex workers.
  • Educate ourselves and others on the diverse experiences of sex workers… and what we all have in common.
  • Collect and maintain an archive of sex work culture.
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This is a labour of love from all of us, curators and constributors.
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But Y Tho??

Think about all the wonderful and distinctive aspects of our culture that’s been lost throughout the years. It’s about time we took control and start archiving them the best we can.

About Us

Dirty Slut Mouth is the collaborative brain child of some mouthy sluts that had access to the internet and a lot to say.

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“You know, normally I don’t give my number out… but for you I’ll make an exception.”

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